Don’t Think Twice – Songs of Bob Dylan

Wednesday -
Hugh's Room
Toronto, Canada

Featuring Paul James, Sultans of String with Anwar Khurshid, Michelle Rumball, Kyp Harness, Sue & Dwight, Melanie Peterson, host Rob Bowman and many more!

Bob Dylan, the most important songwriter of our generation, has had a profound and formative influence on artists and audiences alike. Each of this evening’s performers will bring a unique interpretation of well-known and lesser-known works of Dylan. On the occasion of Bob Dylan’s 78th birthday, just a couple of years after the songwriter won the Nobel Prize for literature for the first time, when Dylan’s non-stop touring and never ending creativity continues to impress and confound, don’t think twice, join us!  This will be a special evening for those who love Dylan, and those who don’t yet.

Songs selected by this evening’s artists include early Dylan classics such as Don’t Think Twice, My Back Pages, Lay Lady Lay, Mr. Tambourine Man, Highway 61 Revisited, Like a Rolling Stone as well as lesser known works such as I Pity The Poor Immigrant, Where Did Vincent Van Gogh, Po’Boy, You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go and many others.