Photo by Tim Leyes

Hey gang,

We have another digital only cover EP on the way! Spring sees the Pete’s and I in the studio with Mitch Girio to record Read It On The Radio Two. Listen/buy Read It On The Radio, the original 6 songs cover EP HERE.

Read It On The Radio was a six week digital download campaign in which I released one new cover song every week from the week of April 28th, 2014 to the week of June 1st, 2014. It was recorded and witnessed by Mitch Girio at Slaughterhouse 754, with Lucky Pete Lambert on the suitcase (you read that right), Peter Collins on bass/piano, me on acoustic guitar/lead vocals and Mitch Girio on everything else. Watch/like to our version of “Everybody’s Talkin” written by Fred Neil and performed by Harry Nilsson for the movie “Midnight Cowboy.”

I’m looking forward to a few band shows close to home the weekend after next. Thursday, March 23rd, I’ll be at The Dakota Tavern (249 Ossington Ave) in Toronto, 10pm. I’ll have lucky Pete Lambert on drums and hunky Peter Collins on bass. $10 at the door gets you three bands as we’ll be follow by Gregory Childs & Heart Lung who will be followed by The Converts!

8:30pm on Friday in Smith Falls, check out our debut performance at Bowie’s. We’ll be doing two shows, one at 8:30pm and one at 11:30pm with lots of time to chat with you in between sets.

Sunday afternoon I’m back in Hamilton, this time at the Clifford Brewing Co. (1-398 Nash Rd N ) 4-6pm with the full band. I always have a great time playing in Hamilton. Hope to see some of you come out to this matinee show and get folked up with us in the afternoon!

Thanks so much for being a friend and a fan and don’t hesitate to reach out with any question about the upcoming shows.

Hugs and mushy stuff,