Recording Update & Upcoming Livestream

Friends! The new EP is coming along swimmingly. I am SO excited. It is going to be Part Two of “We Got This”, the EP I released in Nov 2020. We had a bit of a slow down in the recording process due to the Omicron variant, but soon the Pete’s will be boostered up and able to go into the studio with Mitch to record their backing vocal parts which are so essential to the new songs, especially “Somebody’s Somebody“.

For a sneak peak at a few of the new songs from the EP and how you can help a girl continue to make music during these difficult times and be part of the journey, click here

For those of you who have already supported me on this EP at IndieGoGo and to my Executive Producer angel Paul T, THANK YOU. I am planning an update in the next week and can’t wait to share all the goings-on.

Photo by James Dean Photography

LIVE STREAM ALERT: THURSDAY, Feb 17th 8pm EST I am going to live stream with hunky Peter Collins here at our humble abode. Please join us, bring your Tequila, wear your most comfy cloths. We will dress up for you and introduce you to the new addition to our family, Audrey.

Making herself at home 🙂

Finally, THANK YOU for being on my mailing list. Know that I love and appreciate you and look forward to sharing exciting news with you throughout 2022 and getting back to playing live for you when the stars align! Meantime, I’ll keep writing up a storm, which I consider the best use of my time during these trying times.

Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie xoxox