Indiegogo and getting Saucy

Dear friends,

ICYMI two weeks ago I launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to enable me to potentially record and release 6 new songs for an EP to be titled ‘We Got This – Side 2’ a companion EP to November 2020’s ‘We Got This’.

I’m 18% funded!

This may not sound like a lot, but it’s a good start. I have to thank those who backed this project so far. Thank you for believing in me right out of the gate! Because of you I have been able to book the studio – the best studio in the city: Revolution Recording (the same studio where we recorded ‘We Got This’) I could not have done this without you!

Here’s what’s next: hiring the musicians and engineer. Producer Mitch Girio and I are endeavoring to hire the same team from ‘We Got This’ : Luke Schindler (engineer), Mark Mariash (drums) Alex McMaster (cello), Jill Daley (violin) Amanda Penner (viola) and, of course, hunky Peter Collins (bass). We are especially excited to have Mark Mariash on drums again as he always goes above and beyond in the studio when laying down drum takes for each song. Then he takes the tracks home after the session and thoughtfully adds shaker, tambourine, triangle and other fun percussive sounds to spice up the tracks – no extra charge. He’s a pro who has played with Sarah Slean, Ron Sexsmith and Molly Johnson, to name a few, not to mention playing on Buffy Saint Marie’s ‘Power In The Blood” album which was the 2015 Polaris Prize and a 2015 Juno winner.

Mark Mariash and his golden kit at Revolution Recording for ‘We Got This’

I know many of you still hope to contribute in the remaining 14 days of my campaign and it would mean so much if you do. The sooner the better so we can reach out to our musicians. You can check out the campaign and all the rewards HERE. Also if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at (I am flexible with the rewards if there is something you have in mind, let me know!)

IN OTHER NEWS I’m looking forward to playing live in Toronto THIS Saturday Sept 25th for a matinee at Sauce on the Danforth. I’ll be joined by hunky Peter Collins on bass and lucky Peter Lambert on drums. The show will run 4-6pm, with two sets.

The show will take place on the patio as part of Sauce’s Cafe TO Patio Series and if there is rain the show will move inside. So, bring your passports!

Hope to see you out, if you’re in and around the Danforth.

Hugs and mushy stuff,