We Got This – Side Two (!)

Hi friends!

I hope all is well with you. I am as busy as a beaver and that suits me just fine, being Canadian and all!

But I am writing to share some great news with you….

We’ve know each other for quite awhile. So, you know me and what I’ve been accomplishing with my last EP ‘We Got This’.

Now I have launched the ‘We Got This – Side 2’ campaign to raise funds to record and release a new six song EP. You can peruse my new campaign HERE Don’t miss the music videos if you’ve yet to see them!

Here’s the thing: it’s important to reach a 25% goal within 96 hours after the campaign launches. So, if you like my music and can help out with a contribution I will be forever grateful. (As usual I have lots of fun perks for you to choose from as I would never as you for a contribution with nothing in it for you.)

So, if you can get on board, let’s get this train a-rollin’!

Hugs and mushy stuff,


PS- on another note (see what I did there?) I will be performing LIVE (gasp!) and online this Friday Sept 10th at 8pm EST. If you are Toronto based and up for a night out I hope you’ll come to the show! Details HERE If you would like to tune in to the live stream you can do so HERE Either way, it’s going to be an incredible night of live music, at a unique venue and I’ll be joined by hunky Peter Collins on bass and lucky Pete Lambert on the suitcase (yes, you read that right!) I’ll be playing your favourite Melanie Peterson songs as well as a brand new song written this past summer called “Lifeguard”. So excited! This show is not to be missed and it goes without saying I’d love to see you there, in person or virtually! xox