Dear friends,

I recently had the distinct pleasure of writing and recording a song for the podcast “Streams and Variations” an anthology series of original songs and monologues, blending different genres and styles to create a new experience for fans of short fiction and storytelling through music. For each episode, a new monologue is given to a songwriter. That songwriter then writes a song inspired by the monologue. That song is then given to a different writer, who writes a new monologue. Which is given to a songwriter. And so on. Like a game of broken telephone, each artist has only seen the work that immediately precedes and inspires their own. And each artist only has one week (gasp!) to create their work before passing it on. I’m very pleased to report that Episode Nine of Streams & Variations includes my new song “On The Corner Of Your Street” and is now available for download through the major platforms. You can listen online HERE

Can’t wait to hear what you think.

Hugs and mushy stuff,