Thank you!

It’s been over a week since our May live-stream concert and I just wanted to say thank you so much for your continued support and for tuning in to the show. Above is a behind the scenes clip of Peter and I playing Log Cabin during the show as Nick Lim, our camera man, was moving around catching different angles with his iPhone. It was a pretty epic show, especially as I played all three of my guitars, played the bass live for the first time with Peter Collins on the geetar live for the first time! Not to mention we debuted a BRAND NEW TUNE (Pedestal), and Lucky Pete played the violin on We Got This for the first time EVER. Pretty epic for a living room concert.

Here is the LINK TO WATCH, in case you missed the show.

In other news – I have six new tunes on the way!

My Patrons will be among the first to hear the new music, getting access early, as membership has its privileges. I love being able to give my Patrons exclusive access to unreleased songs and photos! If you are not already a Patron you can check out how to become one HERE.

The official release wont be until the fall. These next six tunes are Chapter Two of “We Got This”, or as Peter likes to say: We Still Got This. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Meantime, we have shows in the works for July! Pencil in July 23rd for a potential live show that will also be live streamed! ALSO I will be doing my first YouTube performance in July so if you’d like to be notified about that, please subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE.

Take good care out there, stay safe and see you soon!

Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie xo