Happy October and EP Release Party!

How are you? I hope your fall has been peaceful and you had a wonderful Thanksgivings, all things considered. I am thankful to be healthy and I feel much more balanced now that my life is less complicated. I’ve always loved long range planning and have found this fall is giving me the time I need to do so.

Earlier this month I received hard copies of my new EP and am looking forward to getting them to you! Yay!!

The plan is to have the EP release party at Sauce on the Danforth on Monday, Nov 30th with limited seating. We will go ahead with this plan so long as Sauce is able to serve indoors at that time. We will be playing two 75 minute sets. One early show at 7:30pm and a later show at 10pm. People can reserve their tables now and we will hold off on collecting monies until we get the official okay.  If you are interested in reserving a ticket, email Mitzi@SauceOnTheDanforth.com. And for those of you who are out of town, or not ready to come out in person, we will be live streaming both sets. So save the date!

Meantime, stay well and stay safe.

Hugs and mushy stuff,


PS-if you’d like to support me and/or the broader artist community during this difficult time, please check out Patreon. As far as my page goes, you don’t need to get rewards, if that isn’t your jam, but if you see a reward you like, that could be a win win. CLICK HERE to explore. And thanks in advance for your kind consideration. xo