Exciting news: We Got This!

Hello dear friends!

I have some exciting news to share with you!

It’s here! My indiegogo new album fundraising campaign is LAUNCHED and ready for all of you to check out! I’d love it if you would join me on my journey to record and release this new album! CHECK IT OUT HERE

If you’ve never heard of indiegogo, I’ve created a video to tell you more about it and about my campaign. WATCH IT HERE.

I decided it was time to record a new album because so many of you have been asking me to do just that. So thank you so much for your interest and for gently nudging me towards this third album. It really means so much. I took a year to write the songs for the new album. I wrote over 20 new songs and producer Mitch Girio and I, with the help of a few of you, have since narrowed it down to 12 songs. And now I’m super excited to get into the studio and record them. But in order to make this dream a reality, I need your help! Which is why I have launched this crowd funding campaign.

Contribute to my campaign and you will be supporting and enabling the recording of my new album! Please evaluate the campaign closely and contribute at a level you can afford and choose a reward that excites you! This will provide an exclusive experience for you and the opportunity for me to get into the studio to record 12 brand new songs for you! And if you feel inspired to contribute more than once, feel free! And if you share this campaign on your social media, that would help me out enormously. This first week is the most important and any help creating awareness would be SO appreciated!

Crowd funding is a commonly used practice utilized by thousands of musicians and supported by millions of backers over the years. You can contribute as little as $10.00 for a high quality digital download of the new album delivered directly to your inbox months before the album is officially released, or as much as $1000.00 for the executive package and the chance to receive executive producer credit on the album and weigh in on a the big decisions (song order, album cover, singles… you get the idea) not to mention VIP treatment at the album release party! I put a lot of thought into my campaign rewards, and had so much fun in coming up with rewards that might interest you. There are lots of perks to choose from, something for everyone!  And having contributed to the campaign you’ll be among the very first to hear the new album! Basically, you are doing today what a record label would have done in the past, enabling me to make, market and tour this new album. I literally could not do this without you.

Contribute HERE today, and you will receive a demo of my new song and the first single from the new album: “Damaged Goods”.

Thank you in advance for your endless support. It means so much!


Hugs and mushy stuff,