I’m so excited!


Hi friends!

As some of you already know, I’ve had the distinct honor of being invited, for the very first time, to play the legendary Dakota Tavern! An extremely wonderful personal benchmark in my musical career.

I am super excited to share songs from my first two albums and various EPs as well as songs for my upcoming new album, songs which I am nothing but proud of, on Saturday May 11th, 2019 7-9pm.

Accompanying me during this all ages evening of original folk-pop music will be hunky Peter Collins on bass, Mitch Girio on a guitar(s) and Lucky Pete Lambert will join us on percussion, and dazzle us with his velvety voice on backing vocals.

It goes without saying, I’d love to share this unforgettable moment with someone like YOU who loves my music enough to open my newsletter. *grateful*

The show is being sponsored by Eden Grove Cider and Lighter Up Lager which will be featured at $5 during the show. And there will be free samples before and during the show. Who doesn’t like free samples? Doors open at 6, show at 7pm.

Click HERE to enjoy an early Saturday evening of amazing music and also to celebrate one of my biggest nights so far at one of Toronto’s best music venues!

Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie x

PS-there will be a FREE coaster sized Melanie Peterson sticker, to do with as you will, for anyone who mentions to Marisa at the merch table that you are on my mailing list.

PPS- for those out of town folks who can’t make the show, but still want a sticker, I’ll hook you up. Just shoot me an email or reach out to me on my Facebook music page HERE¬†¬†