THREE CONCERTS: Winterfolk next weekend!


Hello Music Lovers,

Hunky Peter Collins and I will be performing three concerts in Toronto next Saturday Feb 18th and Sunday Feb 19th as part of the Winterfolk Festival, who are in their fifteenth year! You can find us at Dora Keoghs Sat Feb 18th hitting the stage at 9pm! And/or you can find us  at Mambo Lounge  also on Sat Feb 18th hitting the stage at 11pm! Or, if Sunday works better for you, you can find us at The Black Swan  hitting the stage in the afternoon at 4pm! More details here.

In other news, I’ve released a semi-acoustic version of my single “Sunshine”.  A positive song about the turmoil and imbalance a breakup can bring. I’ve been reaching out to radio, college radio, internet radio and bloggers with the tune and the response has been very encouraging! You can hear the track here and if you feel so inclined you can throw your support my way by downloading it for $1.00.

I’ll be getting more new music out to you this winter -4 songs I did as a side project with producer Mitch Girio, stay tuned!

Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie Peterson xoxo