Introducing the new music video “Miss You Already”


I released my new music video Miss You Already today and here is a brief story about it…

Miss You Already, the video, was my first video shoot outside of Toronto. I had a concert to perform at Mahtay in St. Catherines so Nick Lim (editor and cinematographer) and I decided to shoot a video as part of the experience.

You will see many familiar faces in the video (Mellie’s) as well as Lucky Pete Lambert on drums and Steve Clark on bass (filling in for the hunky Peter Collins).


Recently, an on line resource center for grief and healing called ‘Love Lives On” complied an article titled “150 + Best Funeral Songs” and Miss You Already was featured in the “up and coming” artist section.  There is even a link where viewers can find my song and purchase it on my website. Cool.


Last but certainly not least, the 15th edition of Toronto’s Winterfolk festival will run from Feb 17-19, 2017, presenting top notch local roots music acts (including moi!) A preview fundraising concert will take place at The Free Times Cafe Sunday Oct 30th, featuring host Glen Hornblast and many top notch local roots music acts (including moi!) Hope to see you there!



Thank you for your continued support! Hugs and mushy stuff!


Melanie Peterson