A Short(ish) And Happy Update From Melanie Peterson


Hello! In light of all that has been going on career-wise lately, I thought I would take a moment to update you on the state of things now and my plans for the future.

First off, “Anywhere From Here” is now available on all digital platforms! Click HERE to purchase my new album on iTunes. And if you are feeling extremely digital, you can also find my debut album “Unbreakable” on iTunes and my first release ever: a 5 song EP called “After The Fall”.  “After The Fall” contains a song many people consider one of my best: “Rosetta”. Check it out 🙂

Next off, I will soon be releasing a new music video filmed by the glorious Nick Lim. The video is for my next single from the new album: “Good On Paper” and it is a little different, video wise,  from what Nick and I have created together in the past. Will give you a heads up as soon as it is released, but to be absolutely the first to hear about it, join me on my Facebook page. Click HERE.


In other news, Peter and I booked a TD bank commercial! They wanted “real couples” so I dragged him along to the audition and we ended up booking the job, along with a few other couples. We had two awesome days on set shooting and have our fingers crossed it turns out well and we don’t look and sound like complete dorks. Either way, it was lovely to be on set with Peter and to look romantically into his eyes instead of into the eyes of some stranger “playing” my boyfriend.

My website got a face-lift!  Take a tour around, let me know if you like the new colour scheme and other changes. Check out my video’s and tour dates. (Would love to see you at my outdoor gig in August: The Plein Air Garden Concert. That will be a show not to miss!)

The new album has recently been getting spins on the BBC and in Glasgow! If you’d like to hear clips you can listen in at my sound-cloud page. I try to post as much cool stuff there as I can. Click HERE.

And  though I am sure there is more to tell, I will save it for another time, because I know you’re busy. But let me quickly mention Peter and I will being doing the Via Rail Artist On Board Program end of September/early October. We’ll play our way to Edmonton, thanks to Via Rail, pop off and play a couple shows there. Jump back on and head to Vancouver. Play a show or two in Vancouver, show Peter the ocean, and then head back. Apparently it’s 3 shows a day we will be playing for the Via Rail passengers, but this gets us free food, drinks and of course passage to and from Vancouver. Hopefully it will earn us a few more friend and fans while we are at it. Pretty excited. The last time I was on a train was when my Mom brought us to Ontario from Saskatchewan to “start over”.  And start over we did.

Enough about me.

Hope to see you soon!

Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie Peterson