Hey! What are you up to this Thursday Jan 28th?

Hey Folks!

Just a reminder to my Toronto friends and fans,  about the great original live music show we have lined up for you for THIS Thursday Jan 28th!! The show will take place at The Tennessee (1554 Queen Street W). The doors will open at 8pm and the band and I will hit the stage at 8:30 sharp to dazzle you with a nice long set of original songs and 4-part harmonies. We will play some of your favs from UNBREAKABLE along with a few of my new songs, songs that will soon be available to you on my upcoming sophomore album. We intend to folk things up!

Then, if you don’t have to get up early for work the next day (or even if you do, lol!) stick around for Redlight Ranch at 10pm. This band play original Southern Rock songs and they have some of the best, most rocking original tunes I have heard around these parts in a long time. Not to mention, a pretty hunky bass player.

Hope you can make it out. Would love to see you! Please reach out to me if you need more info. Or click this link HERE to RSVP.


Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie Peterson

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