Happy Holidays and Do You Want To Watch My New Video: Fallback Plan?

From Melanie Peterson (2)

                                     Seasons Greetings to you and yours!

Dear Friends, 
After a very full year, I thought I’d take this quiet opportunity to wish you a very happy holiday and a wonderful, peaceful 2016!
I am very grateful for all that 2015 has been—the ups and downs alike. I continue to prepare the new album for you and having listened to a mix of all the songs yesterday, I daresay this will be my best album yet!  I have also recently released a music video for my song Unbreakable, which has really taken off. Songwriting has become a great passion (more so than ever as I complete my 100 days of songwriting challenge) and I’m honored to be part of the powerful and inspiring songwriting community here in Toronto. 
I look forward to being in touch more in the coming year. Please let me hear about any new plans, dreams, and accomplishments when you can. I am curious about you too! And if you live in Toronto and/or are handy with Skype, keep me in mind when looking for a songwriting coach this year.
Finally, my gift to you,  my preferred fans, FALLBACK PLAN the music video!  Click the link and enjoy!
Hugs and mushy stuff,
Melanie Peterson