New Unbreakable video out now!!

DSC04456Hello friends,

This week I released my latest video, Unbreakable. I had almost decided not to do any more videos for songs from the Unbreakable album, but then I realized, I must do a video for the song Unbreakable as it was the song that changed so many things for me.  It was the first song I wrote that had other people stop and take notice of me as a songwriter. Because of it I attracted many talented musicians to play with me and many other opportunities came along with that.

As many of you know, this song stemmed from the difficult ending of a powerful relationship. I didn’t want the relationship to end, but knew it must. The break up brought me to my knees and slowed me down enough that I could write this song and for that I will be forever grateful.

The video features Lucky Pete on the fiddle, David Flack on guitar (David helped fund my upcoming album and chose the perk of being in one of my music videos). Behind the scenes was the insightful Michael Borlace and the ever helpful Nick Lim shot the video (on an iPhone!) and did most of the editing.

I hope you enjoy it. CLICK HERE to watch, like and show you care: share 🙂

And, as reminder to my west end friends and fans, Thursday Dec 3rd I’ll be playing at The Tennessee and I’d love to have you there. Show starts at 9pm with the fun loving Jim Amar. My set is at 10pm and Peter’s set with his other band(gasp!) Redlight Ranch is at 11pm. It promises to be a fun night and will only set you back $6.00 at the door! CLICK HERE to rsvp.

Hugs and mushy stuff!


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