Kalina Naturals Soap Basket Collaboration


Thank you to Jasmine Soule, Ali Hamaimou and Tess Rehemtula for your recent donations to my IndieGoGo New Album Fundraising Campaign! Thanks to you I am now at 30% funded with 15 days to go.

This Thursday June 4th, as a way of further promoting my campaign,  I will be performing live on the Liquid Lunch show with Hugh Reilly via That Channel, a live TV stream.  You can watch my episode live at 1pm HERE or check out the episode anytime it is convenient to you at www.thatchannel.com

In other campaign news, I’ve joined forces with Marta Raptis of Kalina Naturals on her all natural hand crafted soaps. The soaps are of the highest quality and 100% toxin free…just like my songs! I’ll be selling them at the merch table at future gigs. Meantime,  you can chose the “All Natural” package for $50.00 on my campaign page and try out the soaps for yourself! I’d love to get your feedback on my new merch! You will get two bars of this exquisite soap and a personally autographed copy of my album. This soap and songs combo makes an elegant birthday gift for a friend or relative, or a treat for yourself. (Outside of North America please add $10.00 for shipping)

Today my new single Fallback Plan got a spin (!!) on Wild South 99.3 CFMU Hamilton. You can listen  HERE. Mine is song #6 on the playlist.

Since I began this campaign over a month ago, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching guitar to a donator who hadn’t picked his dusty guitar up in 4 years, and it feels so good to get him back on his feet musically as his donation is helping me get back on my feet musically. I am also writing a song with another donator, teaching him my process for songwriting, and for another I am writing a song ABOUT him. This campaign has got me hoppin’ but in a good, creative way.

If you’d like to get involved and are considering supporting my campaign you can DONATE HERE. I have 15 days left and $7000.00 to go. I’d love your support! And I need it too!!


One a different and difficult note, my bass player and partner Peter Collins mother passed away on Monday morning. She’d been battling cancer for a year and on her last night, as Peter was sitting with her, reading,  she began reaching up to the heavens, which Peter and I both find comforting. If you’d like to send him condolences I’m sure he’d appreciate it. You can find him on Facebook at Peter Collins or email him directly at collinsp68@hotmail.com.

Till we meet again, keep the sunny side up!

Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie Peterson

You can make the magic happen here:  http://t.co/DxpXtMc1PH