More Cowbell!

Hey friends,

I’m beyond pumped today as I am the Mediazoic Featured Unsigned Artist of the week. Listen here to my new single “Fallback Plan”, a classic from my first EP and a choice tune from the Unbreakable album. HUGE thank you to Greg Nisbet and team Meidazoic!

Also, Toronto blogger Cate McKim featured me in an interview on her blog “Life With More Cowbell!” Read it here!

Funding wise I am almost 30% funded!  Thank you Nancy Lew, Ron Cameron Lewis and David Flack for your generous support!!

If you’ve been meaning to check out my campaign, do so here. For those of you who’ve been to my page but have not been inspired to donate, I’ve changed up a few of the perks, so perhaps this time you will find something that benefits you.  I’m also open to suggestions re: perks. Talk to me 🙂

And remember, show you care, comment and share!

April 11 2015

Till we meet again, keep the sunny side up!


Hugs and mushy stuff,


Melanie Peterson