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I spent the early part of this week shooting a music video with director Nathaniel Fox-Pappas, and then turned my attention to preparing for a last minute CMW offshoot gig that turned out to be highly rewarding.  When hunky Peter Collins and I entered the charming venue: Del Ray on Queen West, the room was almost empty, despite the melodious Neil Young inspired tunes coming from Henry Taylor. By the time we got up to play our set, the room was packed to overflowing. We had such fun sharing our songs with such a warm and receptive crowd.  We made many new friends and hope to share the stage with Henry Taylor again in the near future so you can hear him too!

April 11 2015

Today Mitch Girio sent me the final mixes for “Fallback Plan”, the first single off the new album, and I’m very exited to say it sounds wonderful! I’m SO excited to share it with you that, in fact, I have decided to give a free download of the single to the next ten people who donate to my IndieGoGo Campaign. So beside all the warm fuzzies you’ll get from pledging, and the pretty cool (not to mention unique) perks available- all natural soaps, Peter’s famous hummus -10 free digital downloads are up for grabs!

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Until we meet again, thank you for support and keep the sunny side up!

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Melanie Peterson

Melanie Login Photo