In Other News – January


I’ve just returned from a silent retreat.  For ten days I meditated for 8 hours a day while not speaking to a soul, except the meditation teacher if questions came up. It was a lot of work yet I have returned much more relaxed and refreshed than I would have had I gone to say, Florida, for a ten day vacation. I have also returned eager to get back to my creative pursuits and clear minded enough to tweak the new songs for my upcoming album and inspired enough to write one or two more! So while I’m doing that, I have these two items for you to check out:

A NEW LIVE VIDEO of FALLBACK PLAN shot at PLACEBO for ROGERS television. CLICK HERE to watch, enjoy and comment!

AND IN OTHER NEWS in December I participated in The Hogtown Hang, a one-day studio hangout for unsigned musicians in downtown Toronto. All performances to be released from the various artists who participated in The Hang were done in one take, live off the floor.  If you CLICK HERE you can join the Hogtown Hang facebook event page and be one of the first to see my performance of Melanie’s Brand New Key. I’ve got hunky Peter Collins with me on bass. You’ll also get to see/hear a song each from many of Toronto’s top unsigned artists (not for long!) So check them out and you can say “I saw them BEFORE they were HUGE”.

Enough said.

Enjoy the rest of January and I’ll reach out again in February with some live performance dates.


Melanie Peterson