Melanie HeadshotFriends,

As many of you know, I’m in the midst of doing something a little different. I’m releasing a 6 song cover EP digitally and I am releasing it one song at a time. That’s a whole bunch of different for me. The response I have gotten to the first two tracks ~ Everybody’s Talkin'(Midnight Cowboy) and Wrecking Ball (Neil Young) ~ has been overwhelmingly positive. So here is track number three for you to enjoy: PERFECT (Fairground Attraction):

Feel free to buy your favorite song of the three for $1 and help make more music possible. This will also give me an idea of which ones to play live at my Cameron House showcase June 4th. (Hope to see you there!)

Much love,

Melanie Peterson xo

PS – you can listen to a preview of the song over on the Music page.