Uh-oh, only 3 days left

2Dear Friends,

Thank you to those of you who have donated to my new album fundraising campaign so far! I’ve got 3 days to go and am $3829.00 away from my goal! For those of you who’ve yet to contribute, but want to, there’s still time!! If you’d like to contribute DONATE HERE Every little bit helps! I have rewards ranging from $10.00 to $1,000.00!

And if you’ve been considering songwriting lessons with me (that is one the the many awesome perks you can choose from when you contribute to my campaign) listen in this Tuesday night 7pm to Song Talk Radio on the Scope at Ryerson. Where via live broadcast I’ll talk about the craft of songwriting, what I’ve learned and how we can all get better at writing songs. And I will play a couple new songs on the show too!  Just CLICK HERE at 7pm on Tuesday June 16th.

If you’re in Toronto you can come out and hear all the new songs in person Saturday Aug 15 at THE FEATHERS PUB on Kingston Road. Donators will get priority seating.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has supported the project so far. I’m really looking forward to sharing the album with you when it is complete.

In gratitude,

Melanie Peterson

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Making A Difference


As the story goes,  a woman was walking on a Carolina beach after a brutal storm. The beach was littered with thousands of Sand Dollars, a type of sea urchin. These animals would surely perish in the burning sun. She was throwing them back into the sea.

A man approached the woman and asked what she was doing. She said she was trying to save as many as she could. He laughed and asked how she could possibly make a difference, when there were thousands of them?

Picking up another Sand Dollar and throwing it into the surf, she smiled and said: “I made a difference for that one!”

My Indiegogo New Album Fundraising campaign is in it’s final stretch. There is still more to be done and you CAN make a difference.

Like our Sand Dollar lady, your contribution to my campaign will make a big difference. It isn’t hard to do and any amount you donate will help move the dream forward, and you’ll get to be a part of it!

There are all sorts of goodies available as perks for your efforts. Check them out HERE.

And yes, its not too late to make a difference!

Hugs and mushy stuff,


Melanie Peterson

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If you read just one Melanie Peterson post this month, make it this one!


April 11 2015Dearest of dear friends and fans,

This is it. 11 days left to make my dream of an uplifting and inspiring new album, possible. But I’ve got a lot of room for support, and can’t do it without you.


Here’s how you can help make my new album fundraising campaign a success:

1. POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Use your own message, or share/repost one of mine, on Twitter or Facebook

2. REFER YOUR FRIENDS and get free rewards when they contribute.

3. CHECK OUT MY NEW PERKS. I’ve added a bunch since the campaign began, and I’ve just re-added the “I’ll play your wedding or birthday party perk” – $500.00 you have the band and I for the whole night, can help choose the THREE sets, not to mention a HUGE thank you in the liner notes and your autographed copy of the new album!

4. COMING TO THE ALBUM LAUNCH AND PLANING TO BUY THE ALBUM ANYWAY? Choose the bundle it package for $30.00, have your cake, eat it too and see your name in the credits under THANK YOU!

In other news, I have broken the 30% funding barrier (nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, and it is starting to get crowded) and want to thank those who helped me get there. You people are the best! I can’t wait to folk you up with this new album.

Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie Peterson

Kalina Naturals Soap Basket Collaboration


Thank you to Jasmine Soule, Ali Hamaimou and Tess Rehemtula for your recent donations to my IndieGoGo New Album Fundraising Campaign! Thanks to you I am now at 30% funded with 15 days to go.

This Thursday June 4th, as a way of further promoting my campaign,  I will be performing live on the Liquid Lunch show with Hugh Reilly via That Channel, a live TV stream.  You can watch my episode live at 1pm HERE or check out the episode anytime it is convenient to you at www.thatchannel.com

In other campaign news, I’ve joined forces with Marta Raptis of Kalina Naturals on her all natural hand crafted soaps. The soaps are of the highest quality and 100% toxin free…just like my songs! I’ll be selling them at the merch table at future gigs. Meantime,  you can chose the “All Natural” package for $50.00 on my campaign page and try out the soaps for yourself! I’d love to get your feedback on my new merch! You will get two bars of this exquisite soap and a personally autographed copy of my album. This soap and songs combo makes an elegant birthday gift for a friend or relative, or a treat for yourself. (Outside of North America please add $10.00 for shipping)

Today my new single Fallback Plan got a spin (!!) on Wild South 99.3 CFMU Hamilton. You can listen  HERE. Mine is song #6 on the playlist.

Since I began this campaign over a month ago, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching guitar to a donator who hadn’t picked his dusty guitar up in 4 years, and it feels so good to get him back on his feet musically as his donation is helping me get back on my feet musically. I am also writing a song with another donator, teaching him my process for songwriting, and for another I am writing a song ABOUT him. This campaign has got me hoppin’ but in a good, creative way.

If you’d like to get involved and are considering supporting my campaign you can DONATE HERE. I have 15 days left and $7000.00 to go. I’d love your support! And I need it too!!


One a different and difficult note, my bass player and partner Peter Collins mother passed away on Monday morning. She’d been battling cancer for a year and on her last night, as Peter was sitting with her, reading,  she began reaching up to the heavens, which Peter and I both find comforting. If you’d like to send him condolences I’m sure he’d appreciate it. You can find him on Facebook at Peter Collins or email him directly at collinsp68@hotmail.com.

Till we meet again, keep the sunny side up!

Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie Peterson

You can make the magic happen here:  http://t.co/DxpXtMc1PH

More Cowbell!

Hey friends,

I’m beyond pumped today as I am the Mediazoic Featured Unsigned Artist of the week. Listen here to my new single “Fallback Plan”, a classic from my first EP and a choice tune from the Unbreakable album. HUGE thank you to Greg Nisbet and team Meidazoic!

Also, Toronto blogger Cate McKim featured me in an interview on her blog “Life With More Cowbell!” Read it here!

Funding wise I am almost 30% funded!  Thank you Nancy Lew, Ron Cameron Lewis and David Flack for your generous support!!

If you’ve been meaning to check out my campaign, do so here. For those of you who’ve been to my page but have not been inspired to donate, I’ve changed up a few of the perks, so perhaps this time you will find something that benefits you.  I’m also open to suggestions re: perks. Talk to me 🙂

And remember, show you care, comment and share!

April 11 2015

Till we meet again, keep the sunny side up!


Hugs and mushy stuff,


Melanie Peterson

26% funded!

April 11 2015Hi friends!

It’s been really exciting to see people from different parts of the world funding my album! I’m super pumped at having reached 26% of my goal.

IMG_8509-reduced                                                                                  SUPER PUMPED!


But I still need your help putting the crowd into my crowdfunding campaign. Nothing attracts a crowd, like a crowd, and if I am to reach my goal by June 17th, I need to make my campaign look like THE campaign to get behind. (because it is!) Most campaigns will raise of 30% of their crowd funding goal from their immediate social network (that’s YOU). This amount is required to build up some social proof and get 2nd degree connections or strangers interested in the campaign.

So if you’d like to help me make sure new donors flock, and have been meaning to contribute because you like me and believe in my music, please consider contributing immediately. Your help at ANY level (just $25.00 gets one personally autographed album mailed to you as soon as it’s ready) will  my bring this record one step closer to being in your hands.

I can’t wait to get this new album to you, I’m really proud of the songs and the way the band and producer Mitch Girio have helped shaped them, and think you may enjoy this second album even more than the first!


Until we meet again, keep the sunny side up!

Hugs and mushy stuff-

Melanie Peterson

Phtoshoot with Greg 2

Fallback Plan!


Friends! The good news is I got another spin on the BBC this weekend. This time Monica played my new single Fallback Plan and the feedback was excellent!!

The bad news is…wait a sec, there’s no bad news. PHEW!

In other news, here’s a video for my album fundraising campaign. Just 31 days left and $7,614 away from my goal! This video features producer Mitch Girio, hunky Peter Collins on bass, Lucky Pete Lambert on drums and was filmed and edited by Nik Lim who’s talents never end!  It’s behind the scenes look at us in the studio recording Fallback Plan.   Click here to check it out!

BTW if you choose to donate to my album fundraising campaign, and I hope you do, there are special packages and perks as my way of saying thank you! How about your own private concert in your home for a few close friends, for example?

No matter what you choose to donate, I will immediately send you a free preview of my new single “Fallback Plan” as a warm thank you for helping to make this dream a reality.


I hope you can help.

Till we meet again, keep the sunny side up.

Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie Peterson xoxo

at the beach




Free Downloads Up For Grabs!

Melanie Login Photo

I spent the early part of this week shooting a music video with director Nathaniel Fox-Pappas, and then turned my attention to preparing for a last minute CMW offshoot gig that turned out to be highly rewarding.  When hunky Peter Collins and I entered the charming venue: Del Ray on Queen West, the room was almost empty, despite the melodious Neil Young inspired tunes coming from Henry Taylor. By the time we got up to play our set, the room was packed to overflowing. We had such fun sharing our songs with such a warm and receptive crowd.  We made many new friends and hope to share the stage with Henry Taylor again in the near future so you can hear him too!

April 11 2015

Today Mitch Girio sent me the final mixes for “Fallback Plan”, the first single off the new album, and I’m very exited to say it sounds wonderful! I’m SO excited to share it with you that, in fact, I have decided to give a free download of the single to the next ten people who donate to my IndieGoGo Campaign. So beside all the warm fuzzies you’ll get from pledging, and the pretty cool (not to mention unique) perks available- all natural soaps, Peter’s famous hummus -10 free digital downloads are up for grabs!

Click here to support my new album and receive a free digital download of “Fallback Plan” directly to your inbox!

Until we meet again, thank you for support and keep the sunny side up!

Hugs and Mushy stuff,

Melanie Peterson

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When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Photoshoot5 (300dpi)Blue BG Black scarf

Hey friends this is pretty cool…

I rarely take on new students anymore, I like to save my creative energy for the students who have been with me long term. But since I’ve launched my IndieGoGo Campaign, I’ve been taking on new students!

I’ve opened up my schedule for some new singing/songwriting/guitar sessions. This is a great chance for you to get my expert eyes on your song ideas, your guitar playing and/or your vocal chords.

If you’d like some one-on-one time, please click the link below and choose my “teacher teach me” package, so we can get together for 4 lessons and get you headed in the right direction musically for 2015.

Click here for your private lessons.

Looking forward to talking one on one.

Melanie Peterson

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Melanie Peterson’s New Album Fundraising Campaign – 12 contributors- 7.35% funded



7.35% FUNDED


Hi there! I hope you are well 🙂

I wanted to let you know where I am at with my IndieGoGo New Album Fundraising Campaign. I have had 12 delightful contributions in this first week of  campaigning and I am now 7.35% funded. So far, so good!

I want to thank Bryan Sukdeo, John McAlly, Peter and Pauline Banard, Sheldon Sampson, Steve Dimarco and Dave Martin for their contributions. Not only do they get their name in the album credits and the reward of their choosing, they get the satisfaction of knowing they have helped me to begin building momentum for my IndieGoGo campaign. This is important because when I direct larger audiences to visit my page, they’ll see my project already has a strong base of support and will feel more comfortable contributing to it themselves.  If you’d like to help me build momentum, CONTRIBUTE HERE!

I would love your feedback on my campaign and would be pleased if you would share it with family, friends and colleagues.  Many thanks in advance.

Here’s to keeping the sunny side up!


Melanie Peterson