Announcing “Santa’s Sleigh” upcoming holiday single release!

I am happy to announce the upcoming release of my holiday single called “Santa’s Sleigh”.  It’s an original holiday tune and you are the first to see the artwork!


Photo by Nick Lim.

The song was produced by Chris Birkett (most well know for producing Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares 2 U) at Revolution Recording with Peter Collins on bass and Pete Lambert on drums.   I will send links to the single AND a video for the single in my next newsletter!

I was recently in Maynooth, playing a show at the delightful Arlington Hotel with Peter Collins on bass and Mitch Girio on guitar.  That show was the last of my tour dates for Anywhere From Here and quite a fun finale!

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!  Hugs and mushy stuff!

Melanie Peterson

PS- on the advice of a dear friend I have joined Patreon. If you like to become a patron for me, click HERE.

Introducing the new music video “Miss You Already”


I released my new music video Miss You Already today and here is a brief story about it…

Miss You Already, the video, was my first video shoot outside of Toronto. I had a concert to perform at Mahtay in St. Catherines so Nick Lim (editor and cinematographer) and I decided to shoot a video as part of the experience.

You will see many familiar faces in the video (Mellie’s) as well as Lucky Pete Lambert on drums and Steve Clark on bass (filling in for the hunky Peter Collins).


Recently, an on line resource center for grief and healing called ‘Love Lives On” complied an article titled “150 + Best Funeral Songs” and Miss You Already was featured in the “up and coming” artist section.  There is even a link where viewers can find my song and purchase it on my website. Cool.


Last but certainly not least, the 15th edition of Toronto’s Winterfolk festival will run from Feb 17-19, 2017, presenting top notch local roots music acts (including moi!) A preview fundraising concert will take place at The Free Times Cafe Sunday Oct 30th, featuring host Glen Hornblast and many top notch local roots music acts (including moi!) Hope to see you there!



Thank you for your continued support! Hugs and mushy stuff!


Melanie Peterson

You’re invited to Melanie Peterson’s birthday party Sept 13th

Melanie Peterson Live

On behalf of Don Campbell, Mitch Girio and myself, we are inviting you to come hear some fantastic original live music, and help us (me in particular) celebrate my birthday!

A good reason for you to make it to this “not super late, but certainly super great” live performance is, it will be my last official Toronto show until December when I hold my Christmas Single Release Party!

So click on the link HERE, and find out more details about my birthday party and RSVP so I know to expect you!


Tuesday Sept 13th Melanie Peterson is having a birthday show!

“Not super late, but certainly super great!” 120 Church Street 10pm-11:30pm


And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE! I’ve got new music videos coming your way soon!

So please  do come on down and help me celebrate my big day! You only turn 30 once (except in my case).


Hugs and mushy stuff!!



An exclusive download for you & birthday gig!

james dean lying in grass shot

Happy end of August! I’m back from the first leg of my tour dates! A big thanks to everyone who made it out to my out of town shows in support of my new album Anywhere from Here.

I spoke about the experience of out of town dates on new music with Allen Bell: LISTEN HERE


Above: Mahtay Cafe and Lounge in St. Catherines. Photo by Bryan Sukdeo.

To celebrate the end of a pipping hot August, here is an unreleased track “Sunshine” as an exclusive download for you. Let me know what you think!  DOWNLOAD LINK.

Sunshine Cover

I’m excited to play 120 Diner the day before my birthday! (Sept 13th) Pencil it in and come and have a birthday drink with me. 10pm show with Mitch Girio joining me on guitar. More deets and RSVP HERE

Melanie Peterson Live

Thanks for the continued love and support! Enjoy the SUNSHINE!


Hugs and mushy stuff! Melanie xo


PS-check out the new photo’s in my photo gallery thanks to James Dean Photography!

Upcoming Garden Concert

Plein Air banner

You are invite to attend:

                                    Plein Air Garden Concerts presents Melanie Peterson

Wednesday, Aug 10th, 2016 from 7:30pm-9pm

An evening of your favorite Melanie Peterson songs from Unbreakable and Anywhere From Here as well as some brand new songs(!!). Joined by Paul T on cajon as well as talented backing vocalist and flute player Jenn Wakefield.

This will be an all ages, outdoor event with a break for light refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages from 8:15-8:30.

Tickets $10.00 at the door OR on line, in advance, HERE.

Hope to see you there! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie Peterson

Toronto Shows, Tour Dates and more

Exciting news! I will be performing a show at The Cavern (my first official Toronto show since my CD release party) THIS Wednesday July 20th! I have heard great things about this venue, apparently it is like an English club from the sixties with lots of student tourists milling about. If you’d like more deets and/or to RSVP just click HERE.


I will be doing a show at Sawdust City Brewery in Gravenhurst on Friday, July 22nd, as part of my Ontario Tour.  Mitch, Peter and I will be performing our original music from 9pm-midnight! More deets click HERE.

**Please note I have released a new music video. Check out Good On Paper HERE. I’m pleased with how the video turned out! I hope you will be so kind as to like and share!**

Upcoming all ages outdoor early evening show: PLEIN AIR GARDEN CONCERT Wednesday Aug 10th 7:30 pm 345 Baloil Street, Toronto. $10.00 tickets at the door 30 minutes before the show, OR pick up your tixs in advance: HERE.

I’ll look forward to seeing you soon! Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie Peterson


A Short(ish) And Happy Update From Melanie Peterson


Hello! In light of all that has been going on career-wise lately, I thought I would take a moment to update you on the state of things now and my plans for the future.

First off, “Anywhere From Here” is now available on all digital platforms! Click HERE to purchase my new album on iTunes. And if you are feeling extremely digital, you can also find my debut album “Unbreakable” on iTunes and my first release ever: a 5 song EP called “After The Fall”.  “After The Fall” contains a song many people consider one of my best: “Rosetta”. Check it out 🙂

Next off, I will soon be releasing a new music video filmed by the glorious Nick Lim. The video is for my next single from the new album: “Good On Paper” and it is a little different, video wise,  from what Nick and I have created together in the past. Will give you a heads up as soon as it is released, but to be absolutely the first to hear about it, join me on my Facebook page. Click HERE.


In other news, Peter and I booked a TD bank commercial! They wanted “real couples” so I dragged him along to the audition and we ended up booking the job, along with a few other couples. We had two awesome days on set shooting and have our fingers crossed it turns out well and we don’t look and sound like complete dorks. Either way, it was lovely to be on set with Peter and to look romantically into his eyes instead of into the eyes of some stranger “playing” my boyfriend.

My website got a face-lift!  Take a tour around, let me know if you like the new colour scheme and other changes. Check out my video’s and tour dates. (Would love to see you at my outdoor gig in August: The Plein Air Garden Concert. That will be a show not to miss!)

The new album has recently been getting spins on the BBC and in Glasgow! If you’d like to hear clips you can listen in at my sound-cloud page. I try to post as much cool stuff there as I can. Click HERE.

And  though I am sure there is more to tell, I will save it for another time, because I know you’re busy. But let me quickly mention Peter and I will being doing the Via Rail Artist On Board Program end of September/early October. We’ll play our way to Edmonton, thanks to Via Rail, pop off and play a couple shows there. Jump back on and head to Vancouver. Play a show or two in Vancouver, show Peter the ocean, and then head back. Apparently it’s 3 shows a day we will be playing for the Via Rail passengers, but this gets us free food, drinks and of course passage to and from Vancouver. Hopefully it will earn us a few more friend and fans while we are at it. Pretty excited. The last time I was on a train was when my Mom brought us to Ontario from Saskatchewan to “start over”.  And start over we did.

Enough about me.

Hope to see you soon!

Hugs and mushy stuff,

Melanie Peterson


Thinking Of You

Melanie CD Release 3

I miss you already (hmm, where have you heard that turn of phrase before??) and it’s not even been a month since you helped me celebrate the launch of my new album Anywhere From Here at The Piston here in Toronto! This is me saying a big THANK YOU to those of you who were able to make it out to the show to those of you who contributed to my Indie Go Go Campaign to help me raise funds for the album. I literally could not have done it without you.

It’s surreal to report that I am already onto the next project: a Christmas single, written by me and produced by the legendary Chris Birkett! He’s produced Sinead O’Connor, Buffy Sainte-Marie among many other big names and you might also remember him from last August at The Cameron House. He shared the stage with me every week for my four week residency at that historic venue.

Meantime,I wanted to let those of you who are interested/curious know that I have JUST posted live video’s from the CD release party on my YOUTUBE  channel. Check them out, like, share and feel free to subscribe if you’d like to keep an eye on what I’m doing visually. I’ve also added pix taken by the talented Quentin Thwaites  to my photo gallery here on the website. He really got a lot of killer shots!

And for those of a more auditory bent, have a listen to my interview with Allen Bell on his new music radio program on my SOUNDCLOUD page. You can subscribe and follow me there, if you are so inspired, as I post all interviews and new albums and sometimes park unreleased new songs there, just for you!

And a thank you to those of you who made it out 123 Ladies at Feathers last Saturday night, what a night! And what a pleasure to share the stage with Peter Collins, duo-style , like we used to do, back in the day, before we found our beloved band.


Hugs and Mushy stuff!


PS- thank you for all the great feedback regarding the new album, it means so much!! xox


Spring into Action–Head to Feather’s Sat Night


It’s been a long winter, an it’s time to come out of hibernation! If you’ve been longing to hear live, original music, THIS Saturday April 9th is the night to make that happen. Come on down, for the free show, at Feathers Pub: 962 Kingston Road. Annie Bonsignore will open the show with her melodious songs at 9pm. I’ll hit the stage with Peter Collins at 10pm playing songs from both of my albums (and my new album will be available for sale at the show!) and the night will end with an 11pm set from alt-rocker Civil Wray (formerly known as Blue Venus).

Click HERE for more deets and please RSVP (this lets us know in advance who to expect and helps make the event look like THE place to be encouraging more folks to come join in the fun…of course, if you are not on facebook, never mind just come on out!)


See you there! Melanie xo




For those of you who did not catch my CP24 interview and performance last weekend, I thought I’d share it with you HERE. Hope to see you at Feathers on SATURDAY April 9th for another installment of 123 Ladies!

Hugs and mushy stuff,


Melanie XO